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St Thomas Aquinas Parish Update (12 May 2020)

Update from St Thomas Aquinas Parish (12 May 2020)

Dear Parishioners,

We thank you for your patience, kind words of encouragement and steadfast faith during this unprecedented time of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Please know that we are trying our best for you to return to our beautiful Church but we have not yet had a directive from the Diocese of Parramatta and as soon as we do you will be the first to know.

We hope that by our Masses being on-line you have felt “truly present” in ways that you might have felt were unimaginable just a short while ago.  Please continue to watch these as we will continue to video and upload as long as you are unable to venture in to our Church building.  Remember the very first picture we posted on our Facebook page?  It said something like:  Churches are not being closed. Buildings are being closed. YOU ARE THE CHURCH. You are to remain open.

If any Parishioner would like to have a private meeting with either Fr Paul or Fr Michael you are more than welcome to call the Parish office from Tuesday-Friday, 8.30-3.30pm on 4754 1052.

God Bless.