For over half a century, generations of Australians have participated in Project Compassion. The initiative has raised more than $500 million since it began in 1965 – making it one of the nation’s longest running charity campaigns.

For many, Project Compassion’s iconic collection boxes have become a nostalgic part of their lives – a reminder around home, school, church and the community that it’s time to support Caritas Australia’s annual appeal.

Margaret Moriarty can’t remember a time without a Project Compassion box in her house during Lent.

“Donating to poorer counties was very important to my mother and father. My children have grown up with the same iconic boxes in our home and my grandchildren are continuing the tradition,” Margaret says.

Throughout five decades of natural disasters, conflicts and crises, Caritas Australia has worked alongside vulnerable communities with the generous support of Australians. Project Compassion has also helped with access to education, health services, agricultural training and through programs that reduce maternal and infant mortality.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, local partnerships have helped Caritas Australia to respond quickly to minimise the spread of the coronavirus.

This year, Caritas Australia has presented five stories from people striving to ‘Be More’ – just a few stories amongst the millions of people who have been helped through Project Compassion.

We would like to thank generations of our supporters nationwide for their ongoing generosity, which allows us to move forward with lifesaving strategies to tackle new challenges.